Friday 6 July 2012

Buggy Pit Stop St Albans

I was recently given the opportunity to try "buggy pit stop", based at The Baby Shop in London Road, St Albans.   It couldn't have come at a better time as I was due to start with 2 new clients, and my double buggy had been sitting in the porch for about a year.  

I was almost too embarrassed to suggest my double, but thought it also a good opportunity to see what they could do.  There was mould on the inside of the hood, the usual food encrusted seats and generally feeling sorry for itself.  I'll be honest with you, I was considering dumping it and trying to find a new one on Ebay?

Beyond dirty

Inside hood
I was blown away by the results, the attention to details was fantastic, it is IMMACULATE and they even sewed up a little tear in one of the seats.   I have no idea how they have done it, but the buggy is like brand new.   As a childminder you'll understand that this is more like a company vehicle to me, and its important to me that the children are transported in a nice clean pram, I don't think I could hand over my child knowing it was going to be put into the pram shown above!
Immaculate and mould free
Good as new

Sparkly :)
I have since found out that they also clean car seats, so that's next on my list - particularly as the ones I have I'm not confident if I did get the cover off that I would get it back on again!

See here for a full list of charges you won't be disappointed!

Annie x

Disclosure: the service was courtesy of Buggy Pit Stop


  1. I used buggy pit stop to clean my bugaboo. The pram itself was clean but the rain over I paid extra for was disgusting and dirty! When I emailed to complain there was no apology or refund.
    Also on the return if the pram that I had sent securely away it arrived back to me in an open bin bag. I expected packaging to be more professional but it was an open bin bag with my expensive pram sticking out! Again no apology or thought of compensation after paying over 200 to get everything cleaned!
    Although the pram was clean the service could have been more professional, even when it came to. Collecting the parcel from Scotland. The man I had to arrange it through was extremely rude!

    1. So sorry to hear that! I will feed it directly back to them, was it the St Albans branch?

    2. Why would anyone pay to have a raincover cleaned anyway? Get some window polish out instead. Have used BPS twice and I know a lot of people who also have. Apart from the cheesy chap at the front desk I've no complaints.

    3. I was reccomended Buggy Pit Stop by lots of my friends and I was very impressed with the service they had given me, my Bugaboo had come back pretty much looking like new!

      Their customer service was excellent as they called prior to putting parts to my push chair and told me the prices it would have cost.

      My buggy came in 2 bags one clear and one black bag and that was encased by bubble wrap, my buggy came back perfectly fine and I don't see a problem in it.

    4. I used a similar company to get my Bugaboo Repaired

      prelovedbugz via ebay

      spoke to a lady called hannah who does the repairs herself, mine cost £50 and that was including her arranging it to be picked up and returned to me

      no extra charge for parts

      she was really nice, and helpful on the phone... alot more personal than using a bigger company

      well i would recommend her

  2. The baby shop have taken 3 months to process my order (had told me it would be 3 weeks). Don't order there!!!

  3. I agree don't ever shop there... I won't go into the nightmare we had with them & they still owe me £130 for a car seat that never arrived...

  4. Buggy pitstop use scare tactics into getting people to have there prams cleaned. You go there with a repair and they tell you you need it cleaned or your baby may get sick due to bacteria

    I was sat in we blew waiting for a price and I was shocked to here one of the men in there also telling this lady to change the tyres as he saw a baby fall out of a pram with worn tyres when the tyre split going up a kerb

    After that I walked out

    There are loads of other company's now, so really compete ive

    The smaller companys offer a better service I find, actual mums not just hired help

    Peachy clean buggy
    Grubby buggy
    Buggy fit

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