Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Filming Pics

Most of you know that I did a spot of dancing on TV and Film, my pics are on facebook but as I am useless at facebooking, thought I'd put some on here, for prosperity and all that :)

Me and Keifer Chicago Joe and the Showgirl

Me and my friends CJATS

Michael Elphick (Boon) in Buddys Song

Paradise Club :)

This was my car at the time, you may spot a theme!

Dennis Quaid, Great Balls of Fire

Me and some friends at the Palais, GBOF!

Lesley Grantham, Paradise Club

Emily Lloyd CJATS

Martin Clunes, Paradise Club

Roger Daltrey Buddys Song, what a guy!

Roger on his birthday and Chesney Hawkes Buddys
Jasper with Danny Husbands from Dream Team

Polish Joe from Paradise Club!

Annie x

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