Monday 27 June 2011

Larks in the Parks

Yesterday (26th June 2011), we went to Larks in the Parks at a local park beside Marlborough Pavilion.  It is part of the St Albans festival which runs until early July!  It was a beautifully hot day and the kids had a ball!
The first thing Jasper headed for was the police car, and even I was excited to learn that you push the middle of the steering wheel to turn the siren on, which he duly did, the pure excitement on his face was a picture.

This was only mildly overtaken by being able to throw a wet sponge at his father! Daddy getting it in the face : )

And my daughter had her first face painting, allowed by daddy cos I am normally a killjoy.

My mother took over as we went off to Farnborough to surprise @MatWhiteQPR for his 30th birthday!

Fab day which made me smile a lot :)
Annie x

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