Friday 11 May 2018

The Rockit - Wow! #gamechanger

I've been childminding for 14 years now, and many a day I've been rocking a little one off to sleep and dreaming of inventing "something" to make me my millions.  Never occurred to me to invent something to rock the buggy for me, but so glad someone did, and I wish them all the best, because this is sheer genius!

I first saw it on This Morning when they were reviewing baby products, due to the impending new Royal baby due to William and Kate.   It caught my eye straight away (forgive the dodgy video), ordered it from Amazon - John Lewis had sold out at that point, and having used it successfully since, am declaring it a game changer!

For less than £40 it helps get a little one off to sleep whilst letting you deal with other ones hand free.  You are still there next to them, but better equipped to deal with other necessities.

Meh, I'll go write that award winning book instead ha (another daydream), but well done to The Rockit team, I'll be praising this from the rooftops.

I would say that I do like kids to settle themselves, which is easier when the kids are older, but when they are younger, in my instance 9 months old, it's absolute genius!

Just Wow!
Annie x