Sunday, 23 December 2012

Whac-A-Mole Molehill Mania Game

We were given Molehill Mania to play with.  It is designed for 2 players, for Ages 4+ , which is perfect for my 2.  Though as you can see below, Scarlett enjoyed playing with her friend :)
The rules are fairly simple, there are 5 blue, 5 green and 1 red mole.   You simply bash the sides with the mole-catching mallet to make them fly out, and the children have to collect them up.  As soon as 1 player has 6 moles then their mallet shows its full.   There are actually 3 levels of play.  You can make it more detailed in that each player has to find their own colours, but at the moment they are enjoying just being the first to get to 6!

We've decided that the winner shouts "King of the Molehill"!  Great fun, will be taking it to their cousins on Christmas day :)

You can buy Molehill Mania for £16.99.  It's available at Amazon, Argos and Toys R Us.

Enjoy x


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