Saturday 24 November 2012

Guest Posting a Footballing Blog :)

I was asked to guest post on a great footballing blog, a great honour that they would want my rantings, you can read it here :)

By the way, very proud of today's performance, sounds like we were immense, cannot wait to let Arry sort us out

Annie x

Slow Cooker Store Cupboard Burritos

I'm trying to use ingredients I already have and free up some freezer space.  I had got some beef reduced to silly money so decided to scrabble around the fridge and cupboards to throw together some Burritos.

Burrito means "little donkey" in Spanish by the way, but this has nothing to do with the traditional Mexican fayre!

500g beef, I used casserole steak
1 onion chopped
1/2 red pepper chopped
1 green and 1 red chilli deseeded and chopped
1 tsp chilli powder (I used hot)
1 tsp Cayenne
A pinch of chilli salt (cos it was there)

Brown the beef in a little oil, then throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker for 8-10 hours on low.

Serve on tortillas with soured cream, salsa and jalapeno peppers, or whatever you fancy - enjoy :)

Annie x

Sunday 18 November 2012

An Open Letter to Tony Fernandes #QPR

Proud days........
UPDATE: 19th November 2012

Tony Fernandes replied to my email, "thanks for your letter and all the points are noted".

I couldn't ask for any more.  Embroiled in another media hype and he took time to read and reply.   What a top man!

Annie x


18th November 2012 - 4 points from 12 games.........

Dear Tony Fernandes

Pride and Passion

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to you.  I do understand how much you have invested in our club, and I really do appreciate you getting us away from the old administration, but I am struggling....

Us fans are loyal, and wear passion and pride on our sleeves.  I know you understand that and I appreciate you tweet often about it, but am sure it is getting a little (?) frustrating having to apologise/explain/promise of coming good after every game?

I am not a Mark Hughes basher, I don’t like him, never have done, and have tried to accept him, but honestly I do not believe he has the pride or passion to represent the hoops.  Am afraid this may have reflected onto the new signings - happy to take the money and pull on the hoops shirt as a “job”!

You’re a West Ham fan, so I know you understand.   On Saturday we endured the gutless loss against Southampton.  It was very telling how excited we were to see our championship heroes on the pitch!   13 new players and yet the pride and passion is only in the likes of Adel, Mackie, Derry, etc.  Don’t get me wrong Nelsen is immense and Cesar outstanding, I like Diakite and Granero is good, but inconsistant. It does smack of us being individuals, we are not a team out there!

I then hear about Sean Wright Phillips blaming the fans for our downfall and Cisse tweeting about taking another fan *out*.  Do I need to say more????  The goal machine Cisse we were promised - who is a liability and prone to the red mist!  We do not need a hero to zero man but for him to step up to the plate and deliver!

The boo boys have taken a lot, and you must understand where they are coming from - we live and die supporting our hoops!  Its not like supporting a band and deciding you don’t like their latest album, that is it, contract for life- but again I know you know that!

What is worse, and am sure you can appreciate, is that the banter on twitter between clubs has been lost.   We are actually getting sympathy instead of banter, and that hurts a lot!

I appreciate you have a 5 year plan, and the new managerial team is so integrated into our system, but I urge you to have a think and come up with a plan B – something that Mark Hughes doesn’t seem to have – cheap jibe I’m sorry!

I’m not sure how to finish this letter, and am not sure what I am expecting if anything........but please Tony, just please!

Annie x
Client Reference 94378

cc: Mr Amit Bhatia
     Mr Philip Beard

p.s. This letter from Al Fayed was brought to my attention, sounds all too familiar, beware fallout!  Via my pal @Padja1 !

p.p.s.  Also this open letter from a Man City Fan All sounding a little too familiar

Friday 16 November 2012

Germany - family holiday on the Mosel :)

Imagine the scene, myself and Chris asking Jasper (8) and Scarlett (4) where they would like to go back to for half term? Euro Disney or Germany - a resounding "Germany"!  I was amazed for a second, but of course apart from the fantastic scenery and freedom they had, there was the fantastic place we stayed - Zurich Alten Weinkelter - and a certain Dalmatian dog named Picasso!

We were here last September, but drove via 2 nights in Belgium. Apart from Ghent, which was lovely, we found Belgian to be very expensive, and the place we stayed in was a major disappointment!

So this time we retuned via Ryanair.  I was a little concerned about getting around, but I needn't have worried - the transport system around Germany is fantastic and very easy to navigate!

Booking a train is more akin to visiting a travel agent, they are very precise and plan your journey meticulously.

As well as some big day trips out, we also enjoyed some long walks in the surrounding hills and up amongst the vineyards.   I think the pictures speak for themselves! 

The picture on the left is after a 3 hour walk!   Scarlett deserved a shoulder ride after the climbing she had done!   Certainly blew the cobwebs out and the scenery was breathtaking if a little scary at times!

Of course Jasper just skipped along with Picasso, I'd say a 4yo Picasso and an 8yo Jasper are clearly a good match :)

They got that right!
Looking down on The Mosel

The grapes had just been picked

Scarlett breezing it :)

Our first big trip out was to Cologne.  Armed with sandwiches and pain aux choc - after the daily visit to the local bakery - we boarded the 8.36 bus to Cochem, from where we caught the trains.    Cologne - or Koln as they call it, was fantastic.  As soon as you leave the station you are greeted by the most amazing Cathedral!    It had a real climb up to the belfry but it was worth it as the views were magnificent!

Scarlet loving the train

The Cathedral - not my best shot!
Good for them

A short walk down the river and we boarded a cable car for a ride across the Rhine - which also went over a naturists bathing facility?????   I'm afraid to say that we were giggling like children, erm as were the children!  You can see the video on YouTube here!

There was also a zoo, but unfortunately we didn't have time to do it justice, will bear it in mind for next time!

Monday 12 November 2012

Scarlett's Patchwork Penguin Party

Yesterday we celebrated Scarlett's 5th birthday with a Patchwork Penguin party!   I am so excited by how well it went, and how happy all the children were, that I felt compelled to share.

Having endured (that sounds terrible) 8 years worth of party organising, I can honestly say this was the least stressful, well organised and FUN!!!!!!  Scarlett had attended a friends Patchwork Party a few weeks earlier, and was adamant she wanted the same.  I hadn't stayed for the party, so wasn't sure what it was.  Jo made it all very easy, once you have chosen the theme, Jo can organise the rest.  You can get some ideas from her facebook page here!
We went with a Magical Kingdom. The children chose between decorating fairies/elves, then put them on a magical mushroom.  They could let loose on the giant painting, or decorate pencil cases.

Giant painting to let loose on

After their tea, Jo also lead some more party games and we particularly enjoyed duck, duck goose!  It was so wonderful, and I got to drink tea and chill with some of the other mums who stayed.  Win, win I'd say!

Happy birthday Scarlett :) 
Thank you Jo!

Annie x

No disclosures, this is an unsponsored post from a very happy mummy :)