Monday 12 November 2012

Scarlett's Patchwork Penguin Party

Yesterday we celebrated Scarlett's 5th birthday with a Patchwork Penguin party!   I am so excited by how well it went, and how happy all the children were, that I felt compelled to share.

Having endured (that sounds terrible) 8 years worth of party organising, I can honestly say this was the least stressful, well organised and FUN!!!!!!  Scarlett had attended a friends Patchwork Party a few weeks earlier, and was adamant she wanted the same.  I hadn't stayed for the party, so wasn't sure what it was.  Jo made it all very easy, once you have chosen the theme, Jo can organise the rest.  You can get some ideas from her facebook page here!
We went with a Magical Kingdom. The children chose between decorating fairies/elves, then put them on a magical mushroom.  They could let loose on the giant painting, or decorate pencil cases.

Giant painting to let loose on

After their tea, Jo also lead some more party games and we particularly enjoyed duck, duck goose!  It was so wonderful, and I got to drink tea and chill with some of the other mums who stayed.  Win, win I'd say!

Happy birthday Scarlett :) 
Thank you Jo!

Annie x

No disclosures, this is an unsponsored post from a very happy mummy :)


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