Friday 30 January 2015

Team Honk Red Nose Day Danceathon #Lastingchange

My finest Zippy moment
Last year I felt priviliged to be part of the Team Honk Red Nose Day relay event, which saw bloggers across the country link up to send a batton from Land End to John O'Groats.
It was lots of fun, with silly costumes, and lots of children joined in the fun too, AND we managed to make a huge amount of money along the way.

This year I am very excited to be part of the Red Nose Day Danceathon, which is taking part across the country, and I am hugely grateful for Popdance sponsoring me to take part in the event at Wembley Stadium - though I am yet to be told what I will be wearing!   I am sure it won't be just leggings and some lycra?????

Pretty, pretty please, please, please sponsor me to dance for 6hrs, or at least send wine and kebabs (maybe not)!  My Just Giving Page is HERE

The amazing Tanya, Annie and Penny are out in Kenya at the moment, visiting projects that have benefited from all our efforts, as well as seeing some of the ways our fundraising can help further this year.  Below are some links outlining some of these.

Power Porridge

Helping Mothers and Babies with HIV in Kenya

Girls playing football and changing their futures

This is going to be a huge event, and a lot of fun, but at the end of the day it is about raising money. I would be grateful for all sponsorship, as it all goes towards the big pot of money hoping to bring #LastingChange.

Photos will be added as we go, and YES it will include *that* costume, whatever it may be!

Thanks for looking!
Annie x