Friday 23 September 2011

Tangle Free Locks forever!

My daughter has lovely long, fine hair.  However fine hair quite often means tangled hair.  We've had the battles of hair-brushing and the tear-invoking tangles pulling at my heartstrings.  
I therefore jumped at the chance to have a play with the Supersoft Detangling Spray and 2 in 1 Shampoo.
I had to convince Scarlett that it would work (crossing fingers) but the fact that it had the lady Smurf on the front gave it instant approval!

I have to say, it did work, instantly!  No idea how or why, but it does, and it smells gorgeous too!
Mornings are stressful enough getting two children to school, but this has helped enormously!  At Sainsburys they currently retails at £2 per unit.  I have been using for a while yet and haven't run out so figure that it's very good value!

Thursday 22 September 2011

KiCK Magazine - Special Subscription Discount

I was very excited to be offered the opportunity to review KiCK magazine, a football magazine aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 14.  
I received the first copy and really enjoyed flicking through it, it was jam-packed with features and pictures, including those of our own Adel Taarabt and Joey Barton, and I was impressed with the amount of quizzes and competitions.  My Jasper is 7, and although he loves going to the Arsenal with his father, its more of an outing with Daddy.  So I decided I would like to share this experience with 9 year old Harry, the son of a very good friend who is mad about football - sorry Arsenal fan again, but thought it would be good to get his first hand experience of it.
Whilst I await his opinion, I thought I should pass on the chance of a discount on a 6 month subscription! Each magazine retails at £2.60, but you can get 6 months for just £9!  Gotta be worth  the pocket money I'd say!  The code for this magazine discount is K71 KiCK 
Will update as soon as Harry can tear himself away long enough to give me some feedback!
Thanks for reading!
Annie x

Saturday 10 September 2011

Mum can you wipe my bum.......

My talented neighbour (well round the corner a bit), who is responsible for the brilliant 
tunes 4 toddler tantrums CD, has come up with the following!  A must see, particularly if you have young children of your own! (YouTube)
Mum can you wipe my bum.....
And has now added her latest song : Comedy Twinkle
Annie x