Friday 10 June 2011

McDonalds and Recycling who are they kidding?`

Yes my kids have McDonalds occasionally, so call me a bad mother.  What grates me though is the lack of recycling facilities there are in McDonalds, with a Happy Meal you have cardboard, paper, plastic etc., but for an organisation this large no recycling bins.   

Friends are often embarrassed that I refuse to tip all of this into their bins, and have been known to take the bits home and recycle myself!  Who am I kidding that I can made a difference versus the damage this company can possibly be doing!

Recently however I was delighted to see a recycling hope for the plastic bottles, next to the normal bin.  Hoorah I thought, until I opened it up to see that it went into exactly the same place as the rubbish!!!!!

I am hoping that maybe they sell their rubbish to a company to recycle for them, like I am lead to believe some airlines do?  Otherwise I feel completely let down.

I have heard the argument about the cardboard being too greasy to recycle by the way, but knowing the supplier of their cardboard I know this is not true!

Will leave that with you whilst I go fume a little more!
Thanks for listening!
Annie x


  1. I have to admit to going to McDonalds in New Zealand. They have recycle bins for each of the items you mentioned, not just one that pretends it's recycling. I think the NZ government are much forceful about recycling, hence McDonalds get away with it here, sadly :(

  2. That is very interesting Susan, I think I may have to lobby some politicians and our Mayor of London, proves it can be done, thank you!

  3. Hi My name is Albert Lai, I am the founder of New Party Recycling. I see this post very interesting because this is exactly my point of view. I started this organization targeting McDonald and the way they do not recycle. This organization believes that they have the obligation to start putting recycling bins in their restaurants, which will indeed influence other fast food restaurants, malls, etc. We already have a problem with the next generation and how they view recycling. Since most of McDonald's clients are children, we also believe we can create a psychological change for our next generations, that recycling is a lot more important than what it seems to be. We really wish for all of your support. My email is, please feel free to email me any concerns you may have toward this situation. We believe the more people who understands this the better. I am willing to share all my research.

    Thank you Susan for this post,

    Albert Lai