Thursday, 30 June 2011

Things you never knew you needed until you had children....

There are certain things you expect when you have children, but I was pondering over the other bits and pieces you find yourself buying, experiencing, losing!

1) Buying batteries in large quantities, for all the noisy toys which initially sound cute, but eventually you want to throw out of the window, also includes the toys your wiser friends with older children buy you in jest!
2) Cooking butternut Squash, this vegetable remains under the radar until you have a baby, which is when you decide to cut your fingers to ribbons peeling it, to mush and feed your little one!
3) Buying tupperware, in every size and shape possible, I have just been handed one by a client that holds 2 strawberries!
4) Lack of space, as the floor is taken over with sleepers, walkers, rockers, squeakers, fluffys and noisys!  It is also notable how at first donations from other parents are gratefully received, and not long afterwards you are looking for someone else to pass them on to!
5) Lack of time - what exactly did I do in that hour before leaving for work?
6) Novels to read at bedtime, my bedside table now holds huge pots of cream and a Rubiks Cube!
Am sure I'll add to that list as I ponder more, but right now have run out of time - funnily enough!
Annie x


  1. No.1 really came home to me the other day as I ordered yet another differently shaped battery (CR1220) from a well known internet auction site, the others I'm well up to speed with already except the Rubik's cube went through the window years ago.


  2. hahaha loving that, and not heard of that battery size, must be something special! My Rubiks cube I completed some months ago after years (how sad) and is not to be touched on pain of death ;)
    Thanks for commenting :)

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