Monday 13 June 2011

Paper Jamz Guitar : Never Stop Rocking :)

Well it appears I may have a little rock chick on my hands.  We were sent a Paper Jamz guitar to play with, and whilst it is recommended suitable from 8+ my 3 year old won't put it down.  I have no idea where she has learnt some of the moves from either?

They were actually launched last year and became one of the best-selling toys of 2010.  I myself am also enjoying playing with it, as a left hander I always dreamt of being taught guitar, but unfortunately Sir Paul McCartney was always rather busy.

Suffice to say we are using it as a sophisticated toy, including the minded children, though it does in fact come with guidance on how to play, and a lot more technical stuff that would lend itself to being nearer to a real guitar.  Oh and I did discover it has a built-in headphone jack which may prove invaluable in the future.

We've had it some weeks now, and it is still being brought out on a daily basis, so at RRP £24.99 I thinks it's worth it.

To see it properly in action, take a look here!

Annie x