Tuesday 21 June 2011

Reporting Violations on Twitter without RTing Account

Last night there was a hideous account, relating to child pornography, that came to light on twitter.  The reason we all knew about it was the normal route of highlighting these accounts, by RTing and asking people to "block and report spam".  I realise that this is a fast route to highlighting the issue through volume of reporting, however the danger here of course is that it gets extra exposure!  I hate to say that this site has since gained followers!!!!

I have now discovered that you can actually email twitter at cp@twitter.com - give details of the twitter page, and any tweets that caused you to have suspicion.  Thanks to @markshaw who I always go to for help with my twitter!  The following gives extra details about how to deal with twitter violations!

Lets not let these sickos ruin our social networking sites!
Annie x