Monday 6 June 2011

Bonusprint Photobook for Fathers Day

I was recently offered the opportunity to review the Bonusprint Photobook  by @nickie72 - with Fathers Day around the corner I gratefully jumped at the chance.

I'm a bit nervous when it comes to uploading photos and designing etc. but am pleased to say that it was incredibly easy to follow and quick to upload the photos.  In fact the bit that took time was to find 24 pictures to put together from my various CD's, cameras, phones etc. (Not very organised)!  I chose to put a border around the pics, as the photobook is square, and there are other editing bits you could use, but for me this was all I wanted.

I can't vouch for how long delivery actually took as I went on holiday the next day, but I received tracking emails whilst I was away, and it was there when I returned home.

I was dead chuffed with the end result, as were the kids - just hoping they keep it quiet before Fathers Day itself!  I would also add that as they are fairly small in size, you can order them periodically but won't take up much space to store.

To sumarise I would say that it was incredibly easy to provide an incredibly thoughtful present.  At a starting price of just £12.99, affordable too.  Will definitely be using it again!  For more reviews you can visit Nicky's wonderful blog at

Thanks for reading!
Annie x

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