Friday, 24 June 2011

Beautylase, St Albans :) #blogginbeauties event

We were recently invited to Beautylase St Albans, to meet the staff and sample some of the treatments.  We were welcomed by Juliet and her staff, and offered champagne!  There were 9 of us mummy bloggers in total, and we'd mostly met at previous events, so it was lovely to be out with them again :)

I have to admit that I'd never been into Beautylase before, and I put this down to my misconception that it would be expensive.  However, I can happily confirm that the treatments I'm interested in are reasonable and good value for money.

Firstly, I had my eyebrows threaded, which was something I was looking forward to!   Whilst it wasn't completely pain free, the effect was wonderful.  It felt like when you first ever plucked your eyebrows, but after a bit it was fine.  Threading costs just £12.50.  I used to have mine waxed but it doesn't last very long, and threading lasts around 3 weeks!  I will be back!

I then had my make up done, and was thrilled.  I'd never had it done before, even did my own for both weddings, and again I loved it.  If I was going to a big event I would definitely have it done again, or even just to give me a lift.   Full make up costs £25, though you can pay just to have  your eyes done.

The other girls had similar treatments, nails painted and gels applied, and a couple had their hair done too!  We really should have got a group photo done, a wee bit remiss whoops, but suffice it to say it was a really lovely evening and am grateful to the generosity of Juliet and her staff.  Next time would like to talk about colours and products etc. that I could use, as my make-up bag really is circa 1983 but reflecting 1957 (ex rockabilly)!  For further information see the Beautylase website!

Thanks again to all the ladies, and look forward to visiting again soon!  Also keeping tabs on your facebook page :) 
Annie x