Thursday 21 June 2012

Supper Club in St Albans - An Indian Feast :)

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a Supper Club right here in St Albans.  I'd never heard of a Supper Club before but what a fantastic idea.   You pay a reasonable price to go to someone's house and enjoy a variety of food of your choice.

This one was run by Sheba of Absolute Indian and we were going to be treated with authentic South Indian cuisine.   When we arrived the smells that greeted us were to die for and the hospitality outstanding.  We were greeted with cocktails and got to know the other diners as they arrived.   Considering we were all relative strangers we all got on like a house on fire, and it was a really fun night.  Another couple that we met there had been to numerous other Supper Clubs, mainly in London, and I shall certainly be looking out for some more! 

When we looked at the menu, and realised it went over 2 pages, we were amazed at what was to be served up for us, and it was all done so effortlessly though am sure it wasn't!  I know if I presented anywhere near this kind of menu you'd find me sweating and swearing in a steamy kitchen a bottle of wine down - but then you knew that :)

The closest I can describe the evening to being like was a little Come Dine with Me but with a hostess and menu unsurpassed :)

The menu is below, and my pictures don't really do it justice!  Sheba also offers cookery classes as you can see from her website, that's where I'll be going next :)  The next Supper Club in St Albans is on the 21st July, I urge you to go, you will not be disappointed :)

Welcome cocktail

Parippu Vada (Kerala)
Lentil & shallot fritters served with coconut chutney
Bonda (Kerala)
Spiced potato balls with mustard seeds & curry leaves

Rogan Josh (Kashmir)
Aromatic lamb slow cooked with cardamom, cloves & fennel seeds

Kozhi Kuruma
Home style chicken cooked with poppy seeds, coconut and cashews

Payar Thoran (Kerala)
Green bean sautéed with a delicate combination of spices

Coconut Rice (Andra Pradesh) tossed with garlic, red chillies 

& cashew nuts

Jeera Rice (Basmati rice with cumin seeds & ghee

Carrot & coriander raita (North India) seasoned with cumin

Ethakya Porichathu (Kerala)
Caramelised plantains with lime, nutmeg & coconut milk

Masala Chai
Sweet tea infused with cardamom and cinnamon

I was due to go into hospital the next day, and the lovely Sheba let me take some food home with me, which Chris had the next evening when he was left home alone.  Big thumbs up from him too :)

 Disclosure:  Dinner was compliments of Absolute Indian Cookery

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