Tuesday 31 July 2012

Brittany Ferry - Scarlett asked if it was a tooth ferry haha

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Vendee in France, staying at Siblu Le Bois Dormant, sailing Saturday morning with Brittany Ferries - Scarlett (4) asked if it was a tooth ferry haha!

The Normandie
It was an early start to get to the 8.30 sailing, but the kids like being woken "in the middle of the night" and when you have a week's holiday ahead of you it really is not a hard(ship) *groans*!

Turns out this is from Finland!
Anyone who knows me knows that I am not dead keen on boats of any sort, so I was a little bit anxious, but armed with my Rescue Remedy I put on a brave face (that's a lie I actually cried when Jasper asked what we do if it sank), but it was early!!!

We were given a cabin, which was fantastic, and I think at around £30 would definitely do again!   I thought I'd be nervous being away from the deck, where I can watch out for icebergs, but in fact I began to feel quite calm about the whole situation, and actually, I have to say, enjoyed the experience!   When I attempted sleep - like that was going to happen with 2 excited children - I put a can of drink on the ledge so that if we did tilt it would hit me on the head and wake me up - yes I know how silly that sounds but hey!

I have to say that 6 hours went by very quickly and we were happy to be in France at last!

Goodbye France
Hello England
The return journey was a breeze, wasn't scared at all, relaxed and enjoyed it - though very sad to be leaving for home.

I think I may have to be thanking Brittany Ferries for calming my fear of large ferries at the very least!

Since I have made this blog more about me (surprise), a fab blog about the ferry crossing can be found here - by a fellow blogger I met on the return journey!

Thank you!
Annie x

Disclosure, the holiday and crossing were courtesy of Siblu and Brittany Ferries