Friday 27 July 2012

St Jean De Monts beach - Vendee

Monday 23rd July 2012
Today we hired some bikes from Siblu and cycled to the local beach. There are lots of cycle paths around, including the one off road, through a beautiful pine forest, so the kids felt safe away from the cars.

The beach that greeted us was unlike no other I've seen before - it was so wide and so long up and down the coast! In fact the region boasts 140km of sandy beaches. It is also completely safe for young children as it so shallow for a very long way out! Plus - as I'm not a lover of sand - the sand is so fine it doesn't stick to you like other sand does - so we came away clean and sand free - this is something our neighbour at home told us about (he's from the Vendee). We built sand castles and jumped over waves and then made a hasty retreat as the tide came in so fast! An ice cream before heading back on the bikes and everyone was happy :)

This picture of the beach gives you some idea of how wide it is but it doesn't give you perspective how beautiful the coastline looked up and down from St Jean De Monts.

There were all sorts of activities for the children too, including trampolines, but it was so hot the day we were there, that dipping in the sea was really the best option!

I was also very impressed with the area itself, and the space given over to cyclists, as they have a dedicated cycle lane beside the main roads, and plenty of space to lock your bikes up safely!

The picture to the left gives you an idea of the beautiful pine forest we cycled through to get there and back :)  This is Jasper whizzing off in front of me, which seemed to be a common theme this holiday :)

Annie x


  1. How long did it take to ride there lovely? We are 35mins from the beach by car here, so no bike riding to the beach for wimpy old me!

  2. It took about 15 minutes and was beautiful, we did luck out with the weather of course! x