Friday 27 July 2012

Port Du Bec - Vendee

Friday 27th July 2012
The weather wasn't as good today, and the children were too exhausted for the Water Park, so instead we headed to Port Du Bec, to have a look around and find some lunch. 

It is known as the "Chinese Port, and having seen it it's easy to understand why - lovely little fishing boats tied to rickety-looking wooden pontoons :) 

Nearby we found a place for lunch and it was so good! The seafood was so fresh - even the kids were digging into the crab and shrimps and muscles! We ordered the speciality muscles were cooked in foil over an open fire and the smokey flavour was divine!
These were so good!

The speciality muscles

Yummy fresh seafood, tho I did pass on the oysters!

Half a crab :)

Would definitely go back for more!
Annie x