Wednesday 25 July 2012

La Perle des Dieux - Saint Gilles Croux De Vie - Vendee

Tuesday 24th July 2012 
We headed a little South to visit the sardine exhibition "La Sardine est dans la boîte" At La Perle des Dieux they have been fishing sardines since 1887.  

There is a short but detailed slide show in French - followed by a video with English subtitles. It is fascinating to see how they fish, and then back at the factory all the preparation is done by hand - by woman - due to their delicate touch! If they are not good enough they are moved on to another area of the factory. After the film you are invited to taste some of the different flavours - and can purchase individual tins or a set! 

One genius piece of marketing is that on one series - which are labelled by year - they have used local artist Delphine Cossais to decorate them with fabulous pictures - whilst I am looking forward to the sardines - I am also planning to display the tins afterwards!
I love this so much :)
Loved the display, mini tins

For a few Euro it was a really fascinating journey - learning that like fine wine, sardines mature with age - and can be kept for up to 10 years! I cannot wait to try the sardines with goats cheese - and the various salmon and tuna tins we also bought! Luckily if we need more we can order from the Uk and they will arrive in a couple of days! 

Annie x

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