Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tap Water at McDonalds

We don't visit McDonalds very often, but when we do I try and work out the best value for money.  My son will only drink water, and I used to buy 2 Happy Meals so he could have water and my daughter her juice.   They didn't need all the food however and can quite happily share one happy meal and add to it.   They've even learnt to take turns at getting *the toy*.

Today we were sitting talking about it, and I told my husband it wouldn't occur to me to ask for tap water here, although I do everywhere else.  Being the man he is the challenge was taken up, and without blinking a cup of tap water was given complete with straw!

It came out of the same tap as the fanta does so Jasper did say it smelt a bit funny, but I can confirm it was indeed water.

Dilemma over, happy kids, happy purse :)


Annie x