Tuesday 29 March 2011

School using resources from Sparklebox, owned by a convicted Paedophile!

As a childminder I was advised about the company Sparklebox a long time ago!  The company provides all sorts of resources for schools, and whilst the quality of the product is good, I have issues with the owner being jailed twice, convicted of downloading pornographic images of children.

I went into our school recently as the little ones needed the toilet, and as I was reading the posters about handwashing, I noticed that they were in fact Sparklebox merchandise!

I am horrified and will be writing to the Headmaster.  As I say I have no issue with the quality of the posters, but do not wish to fund this dispicable man's lifestyle!

I would be interested to hear if you think I am over-reacting!

The following explains more!


Thanks for reading, going off to seethe in a corner somewhere!

Annie x


  1. No, I do not think it is an over reaction at all.

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