Monday 7 March 2011

Genuine Trustworthy Local General Maintenance Company

I don't know about you but there always seems to be little jobs needing to be done around the house, and you don't know who to call.

Apart from the worry that you may be ripped off, I worry about who I am inviting into the house with the children here (yes I'm a worrier), and also have no idea how much I should be paying for jobs.

My in-laws in Harpenden came up with the solution, and introduced me to Simply Jobs.  They are based in Harpenden, but will come out to surrounding areas.

I liked the idea of employing older staff, it somehow sits right with me, possibly because my dad was an electrician and this would probably have kept him busy if he were still around:

"Our staff are mostly aged 50 and above and this is something that we have found that most of our older customers prefer. All our staff are courteous, reliable and highly experienced and are often requested by name by our regular customers."

There is no call out fee and they charge a standard rate per hour - £35 I believe.  They are also happy to come out and quote for free.  Once the job is done you simply sign a time sheet and the company will invoice you a few weeks later.

I have just said goodbye to a plumber who came round to fit some sink and bath taps.  Not only did he fit the taps, he also sorted out why the water took to drain, and cleaned up after himself. 

I would be more than happy to recommend this company, so if you have any electrical, plumbing, gardening, pretty much anything need doing, why not give them a call, and do let me know if this was helpful :)

Thanks for reading.

Annie x

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