Thursday 24 March 2011

Iphones Don't Bounce! Twitter to the Rescue *again*

Recently I successfully carried out an experiment to see if iphones can bounce.  It appears however they cannot and I gained a very cracked screen!  Of course I didn't really do it on purpose, had taken its cover off, not replaced and on Monday night dropped it onto a tiled floor.

To be fair the phone still worked so I was OK, but not ideal.

As is my way I tweeted my dilemma of a cracked iphone screen, and as is twitter, along came @SimplyFixIt to my rescue.  I was assured that they would be able to fix my screen, and it would be returned to me the next working day!  For a moment I was worried about sending off my iphone, but I put my faith in twitter which has never let me down.  

I sent my phone off on Tuesday afternoon, I was contacted on Wednesday to say that it had been received and repaired, and should be back with me by Thursday.  At 8.10am on Thursday morning the postman delivered my phone, in working order, with a shiny new screen.

I cannot rate this service enough and have not stopped talking about it.   If you have any iphone, ipod, ipad or computer issues that need resolving, I would not hesitate to recommend

Thanks for reading!

Annie x