Sunday 26 August 2012

Stabilo - A Back to School Review

You may or may not know that back in the day I actually worked in National Sales for a well-known pen manufacturer.  I was therefore very happy reviewing some of the products Stabilo had in line for Back To School - an important time of year!

I have an 8yo boy due to go into Year 4.  Jasper is somewhat a typical boy, in that he's not really that interested in writing, as this takes him away from running and shouting and climbing, what 8yo boys do best. (I know there will always exceptions).

Also interesting is that until this year the children have been writing in pencil.   In Year 4 they are awarded their "pen license", something - told by the mother of an 8yo girl, "they really look forward to"!

Then we have soon to be 5yo Scarlett.  Due to go into Reception in September, and is very, very excited!  Scarlett colours, draws, and writes at most given opportunities!

Personally I loved all the shapes and colours, they are very attractive to the eye, and very nice to hold.  There has been some careful thought and design behind them, and who will be using them!  Younger hands find it easier to hold the bigger pens, then go for the smaller more traditional pen as dexterity increases!  Unless you are left handed like me, where I still prefer the bigger pens - or the Stabilo Easy designed for left handers (was bought as a gift many years ago)!

On that point, we were sent the Stabilo Easy for Right handers, which both my children are.

It has been designed to teach children where they fingers should be positioned, and comes with refillables.  Scarlett loved it, particularly as it could be personalised - she very much took ownership of it (it was also in pink, though it does come in blue as mine is)!

I did however let Jasper have a turn - having dragged him away from a fire engine game.  Jasper said it felt a bit weird, but he did a good job writing with it.  This may be something I have to revisit with him once he has said license!

Next we looked at the Woody 3 in 1, it's perfect for the creative doodlers who just don't sit still.  This chunky tool is a colour pencil, watercolour and wax crayon all in one.  Ideal for both big and little hands, at only £8 for a pack of 6, the price will keep parents happy too.

We also looked at the Cappi Pens.  All the caps are strung together on a clever ring, to help keep them together and therefore - which drives me dolally - stop them getting lost!   It's also perfect to fit round the loop of a car or aeroplane seat - just genius!  They are £6.50 for a pack of 12 - bargain!!

Shall be packing these for Germany in October!

All the products are available at Amazon, Cult Pens and good stationers nationwide :)

For more information please contact: 
Laura Shroff at Primal PR on 01628 594429 or
Hannah Stewart at Primal PR on 01628 594419 or

We have now had to invest in pencil case for Scarlett, which is already been packed into her bookpack ready for Back To School *sobs at where has my little girl gone* :)

Annie x