Monday 20 August 2012


I  was officially Christened/baptised (always forget which one) Elizabeth Anne, but my parents only every called me Anne, and when I worked for the lovely Captain McVain at Cunard, he called me Annie.  So basically I stuck an i in my name - fraud like, but hey!

I am old and whithered, but sometimes forget that bit!  I'm self-employed and love the freedom it gives me having my own business.  I have 2 wonderful children, Jasper and Scarlett, and like most parents am scared by the rate of knots that life seems to be whizzing by!

I've done stuff, had a gazillion different career changes, danced a bit in films and on TV and am currently a pushy mother with childen at StageSchool, it beats chimneys I reckon!

No idea what else to say, so I may have to come back to this, or go look at a few other blogs and nick some ideas :)

If you know me, feel free to add a comment :)


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