Friday, 6 April 2012

Ryanair - We Did It

Well I didn't want to jinz our last two trips, both being with Ryanair, but having survived both unscathed am happy to tell you a wee tale!

Chris booked the first trip to Seville and all was good, I was terribly worried about bag sizes etc. but he had indeed done his homework and all was fine!

I booked our Crete flights, and made a wee bit of a faux pas!  I may have had a drop of vino whilst booking them and whilst I took my time to check we weren't paying for bags, or priority boarding, of their special cases or insurance etc., I was pretty confident all was well.

However, the next morning when I checked I realised I'd spelt Scarlett with 3 ttt's!  What an eejit, my tummy did a backflip and I can't repeat what Chris said to me!   I trawled the website for help, and managed to find out that a namechange would cost £110!   I was almost resigned to doing it when I thought, hang on a mo, this is a typo surely not a name change!

I found a 10p a minute customer service number and gave them a call!  Before I gave my customer number I confirmed that there wouldn't be a charge, which she said there wouldn't be, and within 5 mins the problem was sorted and I was emailed corrected details.  This cost me approx. 50p! 

I am aware alot of people would have been put off by the 10p a minute phonecall, but I can assure you it worked for me, and wanted to pass it on!

Hope this helps!
Annie x


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