Monday 16 April 2012

12 Bloggers 1 Car #NissanLeafCar21

The Challenge - 12.5 bloggers into 1 Car


So what did you do this Sunday?   We got together some of the local (St Albans) blogging community, to help support Alex (@daddacool) in his quest to win this #NissanLeafCar21.  In between the rain and shine we managed to get 12.5 in - @BeingMrsC has a little one on board of her own.  It was brilliant fun and as you can see I lucked out by joining @cbolam and @mediocre_mum in the boot :)  Thanks to @tall_rich and @CocoonPhoto for taking some fabulous pics :)

You can help Alex by voting here
Please, please, please help, and if you see the car around give him a toot :)