Wednesday 18 April 2012

"HittingTheBar" Postmatch review of WBA v QPR by @paulfinney1969

A big thanks to @paulfinney1969 who wrote this review for me from last Saturday!  With you there on the hope Paul...........Photo courtesy of

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"It is the hope that kills you at times.....

We all know that being a QPR fan life is never easy, nor do we do things the easy way.  Saturday was, if we had a script for us to go and win, and push on from the great results we got playing Arsenal and Swansea, and also our new found confidence and team building, was going to see us go to a safe WBA and pick up the points.

That was the thinking on the way down in the car, as we all met up and went to the wonderful Vine where both sets of fans mixed well.  Then a WBA fan tells me that they “are not that great, cannot pass and we will hammer them.” I looked at my mate Adam and said shall we head home now, as Being Rangers we know what that means.

And so we walk to the ground and indeed that is what they did to us.  Just passed around us, which I hated to see, as when we came out and onto the pitch Joey Barton -to his credit - went to every player and did a pat on the back and gee up and I thought we have got there at last, the team looked as a unit.

But as I say my soul sank when they came out and passed around us while, when we got the ball, we failed to use it in a manner to put them on the back foot, until Zamora chased a ball on pushed their defender off his track, then wasted one of the few chances we had.

Their goal was odd to take when we were under the cosh a bit, Paddy Kenny and Joey Barton had a heated exchange on a corner, and he was right Paddy was telling Joey we were sitting too deep, and hold onto the ball.

Then a few moments later they got a throw, then Ferdinand turned his back on the throw and jogged back into position.  When I was trying to work out what the heck that was about, they moved the ball to where they wanted it and that was in line with the goal.  Their player was at least 35 yards out and then the ball flew, I was two rows in so I seen it fly, then the hands of Kenny got to the ball and you could hear it just came off his gloves, and smashed into the net.  Myself, and the other near 3000 R's fans, just let out a gasp, as we all felt it was to be our day.

All I could think was just keep this down to one, then 2nd half lets go for it.  We did just that, and that is the worst thing looking back at the game, was that we were not that bad,  just lacked that final killer shot, and the longer the game went on the more the players I felt let fear rule their feet and head.

Has to be said that we did try, Adel could not get his range right, and the corners again failed to test their keeper, who sadly had an easy day of it.

Then that moment you know will always come in a game, Zamora got the ball, fired off his shot, the goal at the mercy, then in that spilt second you seen the ball just take off the wrong way and hit Jamie Mackie on the back, and that was that then, our season summed up in that move.  Lady luck, and that lack of confidence has let us down again.
From then on in the game just bypassed me.  As the time ticked away I knew, as we all did, that was our chance, and we sat there hearing the WBA sing about us being so shite to lose to Wolves and bring on the Villa.

When all I could think of was this is not how today was to end.

Our fans, as always, gave the team the best backing they could and was proud to see the away end so full and before the game the buzz was class.

Still, it now looks like we have to win two from four and a draw then again our plan B is that there are three clubs worse then us at the moment, and you know I will take that."

Cheers Paul, let's hope we do it at home this Saturday!   COYR's!

Anyone else got a review of the game on your blog, would love to see it too!  See linky below!

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