Wednesday 11 April 2012

QPR - PostMatchPost

I'm not the greatest of pundits, but I do love to read other's analysis of our games, and indeed those of the opposition!  I therefore intend to start a PostMatchPost blog, with my little offerings, but would like other footy bloggers to put their blog on here, with a linky back to there's?   Kind of in a post match pub kinda discussion!  Hoping this may have legs.   I know lots of #QPR fans who don't have blogs but I value all fans' opinion and in that case am happy to offer mine over to them as a guest blog!

Need to do the linkytool bit first, but for the moment it's work in progress :)


A rather happy Annieqpr in a 3-0 kinda way da da da da Hoops..............................

By the way, open to offers on a name change?  Hitting the Bar muted too? 


  1. Proud to be the first to comment. Haven't enjoyed a game of footy that much since last season. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we may finally have a football team.

    U R'ssssssss

    1. Love it Nigel, good for you haha, dare I say that I have a good feeling right now :)

      U R'sssssssssssssss indeed!

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