Saturday 17 March 2012

St Patricks Day - Yes I'm Plastic and Proud!

I was born in Paddington in West London, and some would consider this to make me a little bit Irish anyway!  I also did Irish Dancing with ringlets *shudders*  However my mum and dad were from Northern Ireland, my Grandmother was french and Great Grandparents German.  Bit of a liquorice allsort, and yes I'll admit I'm English, but I do also consider myself a genuine PLASTIC PADDY!  Is it such a crime to celebrate St Patrick's Day with my mother!  I don't like Guinness however, so block me!

This is a nice child-friendly site with the history of St Patrick, who died on 17th March 461 AD.

Am going off to find some nice recipes for dinner *does a slip jig* :)


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