Monday 19 March 2012

Smart shopping for ethnic ingredients!

Standard spice section
This is an unsponsored post by a frugal shopper!
Clearly better value from the ethnic section

As you are probably aware I shop at Sainsburys a lot, and I also cook Indian food a lot.  I usually carry most spices but when out of Garam Masala recently, I just happened to find the following, just an aisle apart.

In the normal spice aisle, the uniform 42g jar was £1.19, however in the next aisle you could buy 100g for 96p!   Slightly better value than the 42g charge which would cost £2.80 per 100g!  The colours are different so I would also like to hazard a guess that the Rajah brand is more authentic?  I have since found the same for cumin seeds and cinnamon sticks.  I understand some have spice racks that the jars fit into, but personally I'm all for the frugal- or maybe you could use them as refills?

Have just checked on their online shopping by the way, and they only suggest the jars and not the Rajah brand as an alternative!

Just checked what else they have to offer - all 100g :)

Annie x