Sunday 25 March 2012

Direct Debit's - The Big Break Campaign

Giving a special someone a break by nominating them to win £1,000 is part of The Big Break campaign from Direct Debit . As well as putting someone forward for that £1,000 prize, if you sign up to pay your bills by
Direct Debit with a participating biller, you will also be in with a chance of winning your very own Big Break, to the tune of £10,000.  Personally I pay most of my bills by direct debit, so this is hardly a chore :)

At the same time, you’ll also trigger a donation to charity – either to the biller’s own nominated charity or to Marie Curie Cancer Care. This is what I believe is called a win/win!

For my nomination I am putting forward The Brave Bailey Campaign.  This is to help raise money to pay for urgent treatment for 12 year old cancer sufferer Bailey, who needs medical help from Germany or the USA!

There will be one winner a month between now and October. The judges will be looking for nominations to reflect some of the following attributes:

    * Willingness to help others / always putting the needs of others first
    * Striving to overcome unusual adversity
    * Needing support in order to pursue a career or other significant
      personal endeavour
    * Consistently working for the greater good of the community
    * Working tirelessly for a charitable, not-for-profit or other worthy

Give it a go, who will you be nominating...............................