Tuesday 31 January 2012

Johnny English Reborn Movie

My little Jasper English :)
We were lucky enough to be invited to a screening of the Johnny English Reborn film - click the link below to enjoy the trailer!  I wanted to go cos the kids had seen adverts for it, love watching Mr Bean in cartoon form, and so were very excited.  I was a little concerned it would be too Mr Bean like for me to enjoy but boy was I wrong!  It was the perfect mix of a send up of Bond, and for me an almost Clouseau type character, with a chinese women acting like Clouseau's Kato!

I laughed out loud and more importantly so did the children.  Scarlett who is 4 got a bit fidgety in the middle, but 7yo Jasper was with it to the end, and in fact his loud YESSSSSS at the demise of the baddy was the highlight of the screening!  I will have to now go and watch the first one and can't wait, just brilliant :)  The DVD is being released on the 13th February and I will certainly be in the queue!  Johnny English Reborn here I come!