Saturday, 14 January 2012

Glasses online

This is an unsponsored post, the company did not know I had any intent on blogging about it!

Spot the difference!  To be fair the only difference is the prescription and around £100!!!!!  The pair on the right I bought last August from Dolland & Aithinson, and that was using my 50% discount as I get my contact lenses direct from them (must review that by the way)!  The pair on the left I got from for £27.50!  It would have been £12.50 but I added £15 for a better non-scratch lens!
I had my sight test on Wednesday and it turns out my prescription had changed, was going to get a pair from D&A but thought I'd have a go online!  I googled the pair I already had, cos I really like them, and found this company.  Opticians are now obliged to give you your prescription, but do not have to give you your Pupil Distance, which you need, but Rick was extremely helpful and emailed me how you can measure this at home, see Pupil Distance  I ordered them on Wednesday evening and I am wearing them this morning (Saturday) FANTASTIC SERVICE!


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