Friday 13 January 2012

Go Ape Tree Top Junior experience :)

Towards the end of last year I was offered the chance to experience Go Ape Tree Top Junior at their new site at Moors Valley.  Unfortunately I was going on holiday with the girls, but - guilt-tripping - thought it would be nice for Chris to take the kids.  Being the trickster that Chris is, he texted me on the day to say the kids were looking forward to it "tomorrow"!  After much panicking and ringing and texting him he sent me this picture - of course I cried!
Jasper is 7 and Scarlett is 4 - it is recommended from the age of 4 upwards.  Chris said that Scarlett felt it was a little challenging, but then I think she would have relished getting daddy to help her.   They all had a brilliant day out and are keen for us all to return very soon!  It is closed during December and January, but you can get booking from next month on through to November!  Will update when I get to go too :)  Here are some other images of what you can do :)
Exploring safely!

Brave Boy

Just hanging around :)
Annie x


  1. We did the big course for Callans birthday and Kian wants to do it too. I saw the little course was open at the end of last year so must check it out.
    If you do it again, let me know as Moors Valley is loca to me x

    1. I will do, though am a little scared myself, might have to watch with Scarlett ;)

  2. You have to try it. It is really scary at first but hurtling down the zip wires is just the best fun ever!!

    1. You may have to hold my hand, I'm a screamer!

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