Wednesday 25 January 2012

Joyville, The home of Cadbury dairy milk

The Chocolate Fountain :)
Last Saturday we were invited to experience Joyville - the home of Cadbury Dairy Milk, brought to our doorstep in Westfield Shepherds Bush!  If you click on the link it is a fun website that will also tell the story!  We had the opportunity to visit the largest chocolate fountain "in the world" according to Jasper - though I did overhear that it might be the largest in the UK! The kids were so excited, and the Joyville staff were fantastic!  We were given a tour, sampled the chocolate direct from the fountain, and then watched the Joyville staff performing their show.  It was just fantastic!  I came away with a Kilo of Dairy Milk too, I think a square a day for the kids for the next 18 years will just about do it!   I was also with the lovely Mirka from allbabyadvice her bump is due soon and baby loved it and was doing somersaults - bet its a boy!
The day combined with QPR getting 3 points at Loftus Road, so was a fab day back at HQ :)
Thanks to everyone for a great day :)  You can see a video here!
Annie x
Scarlett getting stuck in!

The beautiful Mirka @kahanka


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