Thursday 16 February 2012

Space saving idea for kids hats, gloves, scarves etc.

This is an unsponsored post!

If your household is like mine, I find this time of year we are scratching around looking for hats, gloves and scarves etc. for the kids.  They are not usually where they should be, and it's stressful enough getting them into coats and boots without this on top! 
I therefore had a look around, and came across some lovely personalised "pump" bags on ebay.  At £6.99 plus minimal p&p I believe they are worth every penny!  I now have them for my own children and for my clients too!  Although they are currently only in gingham Izzy has sent me some materials she will be using in the future, including stars and hearts The kids know to put all their stuff in their own bag, then their coat on their own peg!  It makes for a happier Winter :)
Tidier hallway :)