Tuesday 21 February 2012

Mushroom Burger and Cretan Mess for BBC Three Counties Radio

I was lucky enough to be asked back onto Nick Coffer's Weekend Kitchen on BBC Three Counties Radio.  It's a fab Saturday lunchtime show with some great guests *coughs*, great food, fab conversation and a mixture of music.   Its a two hour show, but when you're on it it goes by very quickly, as you're having so much fun!

As the "home cook" I was asked to take in 2 courses.  Being near Valentines Day we were asked to shun the whole Valentine thing and provide meals for one!   As my husband plays football twice a week I am quite used to this, and was happy to provide my Mushroom Burger", followed by "Cretan Mess"!  The latter was a variation on a Greek Dessert which myself and Emma the Producer came up with, and it really worked!

If you've never tried the mushroom burger I would urge you to do so, it is so tasty and meaty - ironically - and its a healthy twist on a favourite dish!

Mushroom Burger
Ingredients - Mushroom Burger
Olive oil
Portobella Mushroom
Cream Cheese - I use Philadelphia Light
1 Garlic clove chopped
Roll of choice
Lettuce, tomato etc. or whatever you wish to load it with!

Brush the mushroom all over, lightly, with the oil, and place under a medium grill for 6 minutes each side.   Mix the garlic into 2 tbsp of cream cheese then place the mixture around the stem.   Put mushroom back under the grill for a further 6 minutes and its done.  Load it into a roll, with whatever you like, and enjoy! :)
Cretan Mess
Ingredients - Cretan Mess
Greek yoghurt
Merinque cases - bought mine from Sainsburys
Runny honey
Dried apricots, chopped

Mix the yoghurt and meringues together until you have a consistancy you like.  Pour into glasses - I have sundae ones - top with runny honey and chopped apricots :)

You can catch Nick Coffer on twitter at @mydaddycooks he also has a fab book of the same name, and is busy writing his second :)

Would love some feedback if you give either of these dishes a whirl!