Sunday 31 July 2011

Stockwood Park Discover Centre - Recycling Exhibition

We often go to Stockwood Park Discovery Centre, as it is free to enter, its an excellent resource, with a fab playground and museum, which the children love!  
We went this week and, after being mugged of an ice cream, from the ice cream van outside - went in and spent hours playing and walking around. 
I particularly enjoyed revisiting the Truck Art that we had seen before!  This pic doesn't do it justice, as the colours are magnificent!
We also enjoyed the permanent display in another room showing local artefacts from the local area through the ages.  There is a postcard on a pillar which always makes me smile! 
I nearly left before realising that they had the most brilliant recycling exhibition on, entitled Treasures From Trash!  Unfortunately at this point my two decided they were too tired for any more, so I couldn't get the most out of it, but will certainly go back!  The initiative and the colours hit you as soon as you enter!  Next time I will be going there before the playground!
Annie x