Tuesday 26 July 2011

Fly Thomas Cook competition at @RedTedArt blog :)

I found a competition by @Flytc on @RedTedArt blog page As we travel with 2 children regularly, it  was good to visit the Thomas Club kids club packed with lots of tips, ideas, stories and games! 
I asked the kids if they wanted to enter the competition, and as soon as I mentioned the prizes they were jumping up and down with glee.   We read all the stories and they both decided that they wanted to recreate their version of The Magic Mirror.
I have to admit that I don't get the craft stuff out often enough, so the kids were even more super excited to be let loose.  We were going to do just the Turkish Man and the boy, but as you will see it ended up as a tad more, thank goodness for wine boxes and McDonalds - please do not take that as a reflection of our household eek!

Rather pleased!

Final Entry - Turk, Boy with mirror, Castle and Treasure Chest
A close-up of the Turk!

We are all rather pleased with our entry.  Though sure we won't win, had lots of fun in the meantime!
Good luck to everyone entering :)

Annie and family x


  1. Oooh I love how you did lots of different bits of the story! I think the treasure chest is my favourite!! And looks like your kids like playing with their craft - love it when they do that!!

    Thank you for entering the competition and Good Luck!!!