Friday 15 July 2011

A Poem - When I Go

In my Daily Mail reading days, I know I know, I used to enjoy the daily poems.  This one made me smile a lot and has been resident on my fridge ever since :)

When I Go
I'm going to buy a crocodile
And keep it at the zoo,
Until I kick the bucket,
Then here's what you must do.
Don't bury or cremate me,
Just feed me to the croc,
I hope it won't upset you,
It isn't meant to shock.
It may sound unconventional,
I hope it's not too gory,
To make my plan successful,
We must call the reptile Laurie.
As St Peter takes my details,
When I reach that Heavenly Gate
I can tell him without llying,
I'm the Poet Laurie ate.
by Hedley Metcalfe, Hebden Bridge, West Yorks

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