Sunday 17 July 2011

Boobie punching

Having a row with other half, parenting advice please.  My 7yo has taken to punching or groping my - as he calls "boobies" he has lost all treats on several occasions, but obviously forgets himself.
On one level it bloody hurts and on another level well you can imagine.  When I mention to other half he thinks its funny!  I asked whether he thought his 7yo daughter grabbing his balls would be funny and he laughed, grrr
Am I on my own here, advice would be welcomed!
Annie x


  1. I'd tell him that it is wrong to do it, and that it hurts when he does it. also that he will get a smacked hand when he does it from now on. then smack his hand when he does it. Had similar with our 6yo a few months ago who thought smacking bums as funny, he did it full force, he learnt not to when we did the above with him.

  2. Thanks hun, am about there too x

  3. Do you ignore him when he does it or does he get a reaction from you & your husband? It's tough isn't it because it's something that men find funny, when actually it's not! Are you able to talk to your son? Explain it hurts and that it's rude and little boys shouldn't don things like that.

    Sorry, not really got much advise. Not been through this "phase" (yet)

  4. To be honest made a huge deal of it, did explain it hurts and its rude. He's been a bit wistful so hoping it has "finally" sunk in!