Tuesday 20 August 2013

Florida, Universal Studios, A Review...............

Am blogging the whole Florida trip here but separating out each attraction in case it helps others planning the big trip.

This is being updated whilst I am here, so may not be complete when you read.  For instance, we have not yet done Universal Islands of Adventure, which includes the Harry Potter *thing*, so to be updated as I go.
Today (Sunday) was our first day at a theme park, Universal Studios.

It's split into 2 parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We only did the former today and will go back for the other one on another day.

It had been recommended that we read the Fodor book before we went, and already it has proved invaluable.

The big tip here was to turn right when you go into the park, as everyone is attracted to the rides and sounds and music to the left.  What a tip that was, the picture shows our path on entry bang on 9am!  We walked straight onto the Simpsons ride and a few others that were on our list.

There were lots and rides and attractions, and we didn't manage to do them all.  The Shrek 4D cinema was fab, the whole exhibition was fantastic, the diner, the cars, the Blues Brothers driving around, Marilyn Monroe posing for photos, it's all extremely well done.

We came back on our last day, after the morning at Islands of Adventure, specifically to try the new Ride, Despicable Me 2 and the Rockit Roller Coaster!  The former is another simulator ride which was a lot of fun, the latter a HUGE straight up and over type coaster.  I was going to chicken out but had one of those just do it moments, and I did.   Not my favourite but I did it YES!

Our only bad choice for the day was the Barney theatre, I'd forgotten how much I hated the big purple dinosaur.  It really is for the younger ones, as you can see from the pic of Jasper and Scarlett looking slightly mortified.  However, like any other bad parent I did insist on getting a pic of Scarlett with said purple thing!

There are plenty of eateries inside and along City Walk which is outside of Universal, though we brought a packed lunch and my family are happy with that.

The car park is $15 but it's all very well laid out and easy to navigate around.
Annie x


  1. I followed your tips..
    I ran away from the Dinosaur though