Tuesday 20 August 2013

Florida - Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, A Review..........

This August (2013) we are on our first trip to Florida, whilst I am blogging one post on the whole trip, am doing little pages on each of the days out, in case it helps other people planning a trip.

Monday 19th August 2013, a day out at one of  Disney's water park, Typhoon Lagoon.
Typhoon Lagoon is one of the oldest water parks at Disney, but it didn't show.   It's very well laid out, and caters for all ages.   The "wave pool" stressed me out, but of course the kids loved it.   I wouldn't let Scarlett loose on her own in there but of course Chris did.   He was right beside her of course but not close enough for my liking.  Yes she survived and had a whale of a time - they both did.  Thankfully there are times when they don't put the wave bit on, so you can just swim (phew).   I would say however, they give free life vests for kids and adults, so if you are a bit worried just grab one of those.   Lots of kids were wearing them and in hindsight I should have put one on Scarlett for my own peace of mind!  

There is a great lazy river that runs around the whole park, it has 5 entrances and takes about 20 minutes. Scarlett and I did that whilst Chris and Jasper went off to do the bigger rides and roller coaster.

Ketchakiddee Creek was perfect for 5yo Scarlett, plenty to do safely for her age, and they are keen to keep the bigger kids out.   There is even a little ride on a tube that they can do for themselves.   There is a bigger version next door for the older kids, and a couple of teenage beach parties through the day with music and competitions.  Later on we swam with sharks (as you do) and the kids went up and did some more of the bigger tube rides/falls.  Really couldn't fault it, there was something there for the whole family (erm except wifi for me of course but hey).  AND no parking fee?????

Whilst the kids got all adventurous and wore themselves out I attempted to chill and read, this lasted about 5 minutes when I realised I am rubbish at lying on a beach and chillaxing.

So off I went to join in the fun and swim with the sharks.  BUT if you do enjoy just relaxing on a sunbed, then go for it.

The kids are desperate to go back another day, but there are other parks to do as well.  The water parks are a great way of separating the big days out at Universal and Disney etc.

Watch this space.............

Annie x


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    You are good at this travel blogging.

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