Sunday 16 September 2012

#QPR Membership Pack Giveaway :)

A huge thank you to everybody who entered my giveaway, which is now closed and the winner has been notified.

To prove that Rafflecopter picked the winner at random I did in fact video it, which you can see here!

I may well be doing more #QPR giveaways in the near future, so stay tuned!

Lets not mention yesterday by the way - onwards and upwards :)

Annie x

I have upgraded my Season Ticket to have membership status.  Mainly for the ability to get extra tickets for friends (not family they are all Gooners), and generally help genuine fans on twitter, who might otherwise miss out!

As a Member we get sent out packs as a thank you.  This year was no different, and it is indeed fabulous, but I already either have most of it, or won't use it - it will just look pretty and gather dust (I don't dust) ;)

I have therefore decided to make it a giveaway on my blog - I am using Rafflecopter so a winner will be independently chosen at the end!

Any problems give me a shout on @annieqpr as I'm fairly new to Rafflecopter myself.

I look forward to your comments, but bear in mind I can't reply on here otherwise I am in danger of winning it myself!

To tweet about it by the way, when you hit the button it says "paste in the tweet URL", ignore this and just hit the "tweet" button above it, it will then set it out for you and you just have to enter your twitter details, it won't spam you or direct you elsewhere!

a Rafflecopter giveaway GOOD LUCK!
Annie x


  1. My Favourite QPR moment has to be the emotions of hearing we wouldn't be docked points over The Faurlin saga and seeing the lads rightfully lifting the Championship trophy! Nothing beats the buzz that day

  2. My favourite QPR moment was when I was 15 and my Dad had cancer...I wrote to the club asking of they could send a get well card maybe, something to cheer him up. I explained how he had taken me to LR since I was about 6 and not only was he a lifelong fan but how he ran a kids team and had even converted some young lads to be Rs. (2 of which are actually still ST holders, 1 of them - Simon in the front of R block with his Mrs')..anyways, I was hoping for something - I even sent with the letter a self addressed envelope in the hope of something back.

    The day after my dad's op in Northwick Park Hospital a large letter came through the post..I opened it and inside was my s/e envelope and another envelope with my dad's name on it,

    That evening when I went to see him and gave him the letter he opened it up and started welling up. Inside was a get well card from everyone at the club..and I mean everyone. From the Manager Gerry to the kitman to secretaries to the chairman to every single player of the ( i think 92/93 season if memory serves me right).

    Literally every single person on the QPR payroll had signed this card. Soem were just signatures, others were messages of "get well soon Paul" to more in-depth ones.

    It's something I'll never ever forget and something my Dad has never ever forgot...forget going from 6/7 to 15...seeing my Dad's reaction to that made me realise what it means to be a QPR fan..we're all family x

  3. Clive Allen scoring the winner with his knee to send us to Wembley!!

  4. Has to be going to my first ever match with my dad when I was about 10! Being from Birmingham we got a bit of stick for supporting QPR!

  5. p.s. my email is

  6. Date: Decemebr 1982 Place: Bentworth Road, W12
    It's Boxing Day in the grandparent's house and I am pretty much all alone. My dad has taken my brother to Highbury for my his Christmas present, and my sister is being taken to Oxford St for a look around the shops with my mum and my nan.

    I have nothing to do...

    However, being a resourceful 13 year old, it dawns on me that my lads are playing at home.... in only the BIGGEST local derby of the season! The scum are in town, and I badly want to go!

    At a time when hooliganism was rife, my mum is very definate that she doesn't want me near those kinds of fans. I'm not allowed to go.

    "Watch the results come in on Grandstand?"

    At this point, my grandad (a lifelong Fulham supporter) pipes up..."I'll take him"

    Mum:"No, Dad, you're only saying that cos he's creating!"
    Grandad:"I'll be happy to take him. Be a nice couple of hours for us"
    Mum:"You don't even LIKE the Rangers, Dad"
    Grandad:"Don't matter. The lad wants to go, so I'll take him!"

    Off we go to QPR vs Chelsea!! I'm pretty sure that the result (2-1 defeat??)) mattered less than the actual time I spent with my grandad, but that simple act of love taught me a great deal.

    Some 22 years later, when my son was born, I named him after my grandad, and the wheel turned full circle in 2011, when I got to take my son to Loftus Road for the first time.

    This was another great memory, as we got to meet @annieqpr and several other members of the growing QPRTwitfam.

  7. 5-5 Draw with Newcastle United Truly amazing game!

  8. My Favourite QPR moment has to be promotion into the league - it was monumental and began the changes we are seeing today!

  9. My favorite QPR moment was finally getting o my first match in person 7 years ago. I am an R's supporter in NYC and had to rely on Internet feeds and the occasional game that would be shown on tape delay.