Monday 10 September 2012

M&S man-over challenge - Nominating Chris

Being Arsene Wenger :)
I am nominating Chris for this M&S Man-Over Challenge.   It is our 10th Wedding Anniversary on the 21st September, and I hate to say having forgotten our anniversary for the last 4 years, he's never held it against me!  Chris of course has never forgotten it and just likes to gently remind me that if I'd remembered and he'd forgotten, they I may not have been so forgiving - fair point :)

Therefore, to make it up to him, and show how much we love him, I would love to win this prize for him, and give him the opportunity to spoil himself for a bit!   He loves nothing better than to buy the kids little treats and hide them under their pillows for them to find :)

Corporate Chris :)
He's a good husband and a doting father to Jasper and Scarlett.  He works hard and hardly ever spends money on himself - his beloved Arsenal being his only passion outside of his family life!

I think he thoroughly deserves a man-over and certainly would love a new M&S Suit  I am loving the "Savile Row Inspired" range, the striped one is my favourite, which you can see here, but I guess it would be down to him?

I'm going to keep this as a surprise so if you know Chris shhhhhhhh

Keeping everything crossed :)
Annie x

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