Tuesday 8 May 2012

It's a Game of Two Halves

I'm not normally a book reader, see my tweet count @annieqpr, but I couldn't put this down.  It appealed to me as it follows the trials and tribulations, or should I say dramas, associated with being a QPR fan - but it is also a fast-moving, engaging book which I think will appeal to football fans in general, and dare I say it anyone who appreciates a good, honest read.

The first half deals with how Fred got into football, his life growing up, and the special relationships that were formed.  Lovely stories about travelling home and away with Queenie, his very good friend who is no longer with us, and is sorely missed (I cried I must confess), and about his wonderful parents too, who are also no longer with us, they sound  like very special characters.  It also details how Fred ended up in Norwich, and how that has affected his football viewing.   I found myself nodding a lot at recollections of certain games, and enjoying his review of some of the games I missed - even though they were 8 years ago!  (1st May 04, beating Swindon 1-0).

The second half details our season leading into promotion.  Game by game, he details the emotions attached, and am sure any football fan will also relive the hearts in mouths moments, the major highs and those ever so lowly lows!
Fred signing my book :)

It is written with a lot of honesty and humour, and I had some real laugh out loud moments - trust me this review is hard to write cos I want to detail some of them, but I really think it is better coming from Fred himself!  I will however be having a discussion with him about his "ugly tree XI"!

I should also add, having met the lovely @writesaidfred68 and his mate Nigel @madbouncydogs can say they are pretty decent blokes - you will read how Nigel plays a very important part in Fred's early life and also a catalyst for the book itself - but you'll get that :)

To get your copy, go here :)

Annie x


  1. Only pretty decent? :)
    I'm a qpr.co.uk pin up today: http://www.qpr.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10373~2764649,00.html

    1. ok, fair point, exceedingly decent :~) Nice pin up :)
      Annie x

    2. Yes, but I was lovely as well as pretty decent :-)

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