Sunday, 10 April 2011

What do my apps say about me?

I was tagged in @mediocre_mum blog - asking me to do a meme about my iphone apps, and what it says about me.   After asking what exactly a meme was, here goes.

Firstly I'd observe about myself that I probably don't make enough use of the phone.  I still have everything in alphabetical order - which I only noticed after examining, and also that I guess it does reflect me in that it is a mixture of sports, kiddies stuff, and restaurant sites.

There are also apps on there that I have never used so maybe a little clean up required!

Would love to know your thoughts after looking at your own apps, particularly :






As @mediocre_mum says, "its also a way of finding more good apps :)
Annie x


  1. Oh Id love to tell you honey but I dont have an Iphone. Sorry. :o( thanks for the tag thought and am now following your blog. xx

  2. No worries Julesey, to be honest I signed my life away when I got my iphone, and thanks for following my blog, appreciate it :) xx

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