Friday 1 April 2011

Mothers Day Gift Idea :) Photo Coasters!

It's probably a bit late for this year now, but thought I'd share with you what I have made for the mothers of my childminding children, and also my own mother!

I bought these photo coasters from a bookclub delivered to our local Childrens Centre, they were £4! 

I have shopped around however and you can get them from Amazon, amongst others!

I have done 1 coaster for each of my clients, but will do more so eventually they have a set of 4 at different ages and stages :)

Don't do what I did though and order 7x5 pics, cos they are only 7cmx5cm - not inches doh!

These are for my mother:)

When they have the 4 coaster set, they can have the stand to keep them in!

Would love to hear any ideas that you may have had now, or in the past? 

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Annie x